this kind shit on facebook winds me up.

this kind shit on facebook winds me up.

I’m a fat American living in Scotland.  I was at a charity showing of the movie Serenity and I was excited to be there and maybe find some friends among the other fans, until I heard the t-shirt vendor loudly laughing and saying, “We have all normal sizes, but we don’t have, like, American sizes.”  It pretty much ruined the whole day for me.

Anonymous said: why don't you just diet?

Why don’t you just treat fat people like human beings and stop being mean to them? 

My sister and I were at the store looking for father’s day presents for our dad.  He likes baseball so we were trying to find baseball themed items.  We were looking at Detroit Tigers shirts and found that they didn’t offer any that were large enough for my very large father.  My sister very seriously suggested that we buy him a shirt a few sizes to small “to encourage him to lose weight.”  

When I told her that it was a bad idea and it was rude condescending not helpful, she just made a face before looking somewhere else.

Was sitting with my friend (both of us are fat, but he is ‘more’ fat) at a pita restaurant and we had finished eating, threw away our trash and were just chatting. Suddenly a drunk girl and her friends come in and as she passes us she says, “You guys must have eaten a lot of pitas!”

In reality we only ate one each and both were “healthy”. I mean, they were fucking pitas. :/

As I walked out of a restaurant/bar by the beach with an open backed shirt over my bandeau swim top I walked past a man who said “EW! Gross, some things should just not be allowed in public!”

Apparently because of my supposedly not appealing fat, I’m not even human but a “thing” that should be hidden away.

I should add that this blog might be cathartic, but also triggering for people with eating disorders, internalized self-loathing, and other related issues. Reading all submissions at once is not recommended.

I thought this blog just didn’t interest people for some reason, but then I realized I haven’t plugged it in forever.

And presto I have new followers and a submission! Welcome folks! :) 

The rather unsatisfied lady in the icon is me, aka deniselle. I am holding a copy of Ian McEwan’s Solar, which very much annoyed me as a fat person. 

I’m looking forward to new submissions. Come one come all! (I am not grumpy at YOU, just at microfatgressions.) 

I was sitting alone in the waiting area for my appointment with a surgeon who was going to remove my gallbladder (for gallstones caused by dieting), and an old lady came in with her husband and sat down across from me, looked me up and down and said to her husband, “You know, I think that there are more obese people around these days.”

[after nobody remembered to bring the usual box of donuts to the weekly meeting]

My boss, publicly emailing everyone: This helps me watch my “bottom line”…. No temptation… 

[after a retirement party with cake was announced]

My slender and very vocal-about-healthy-eating co-worker, to everyone in the room: The week I start making my diet healthier, they try to feed me cake!

Made me feel that, especially as a woman, I should be ashamed of having any interest in these foods.